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During Suicide Prevention Awareness week, September 10th to 16th, for one day, September 14th, your are invited to experience Access Bars®.

Calon FM radio presenter Denise Oliver is inviting you to the foyer of Calon FM, between 9am and 4pm, September 14th, to experience a FREE taster session of Access Consciousness The Bars®. Denise will be accompanied by fellow radio presenter, Lorraine Salsbury, also an Access Bars® practitioner plus other Bars® practitioners from the North Wales area.

Access Bars® and Suicide Prevention Awareness

More than 17 years ago now, co-founder of Access Consciousness, Dr Dain Heer was so depressed that he set the date for his own suicide. He gave the universe six months to show him something different or he was out of here. From the outside his life looked ‘perfect’ and yet inside he was dying. He had two successful chiropractic practices, money in the bank and he  was due to be married.

Thankfully for Access Consciousness, for us and for the world he discovered The Bars®. This one process changed his energy in a way that nothing else had and changed his life. Dr Dain would like us all to know that there is always another choice and says, “Never give up!”

Please no that you are not alone. Whether you are experiencing stress of any kind, anxiety, panic attacks, depression or even suicidal thoughts the tools of Access Consciousness are available and may just change your motivation,  your thoughts, your mental clarity, your happiness, your life. It’s free, so why not pop along and have a chat and taste of Access Bars®?


What are the Bars®?

Access Bars® is a gentle hands on technique that helps to quiet the mind. All you have to do is lie down and receive the gentle touch, to your head, from the Bars® practitioner.

The Bars® themselves are 32 points on the head that when lightly touched stimulate a positive change in the brain. Like a computer stores information, our brains store many thoughts, feelings and emotions, until we hit the delete buttons, the Bars®, and create more space creating more ease in our bodies. Neuroscientist Dr Jeffrey L. Fannin, who is conducting a preliminary study into The Bars®, has so far discovered that having your Bars® run has a positive neurological effect on the recipient similar to advanced meditation.

To experience the Bars® you don’t have to have cares and worries. Experiencing the Bars® is a way of relaxing that benefits everyone in some way or another.

Denise has been a regular presenter with Calon FM for over four years, chatting with her guests   on her show Empowerment Hour every Thursday morning between 11am and midday.

Calon FM is located in The Creative Industries building of Glyndwr University. Click here to see a map of the campus


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