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On Thursday 1st March, we’ll be celebrating 10 years of broadcasting!

We’re bringing you a very special day of shows with ‘Calon FM In A Day‘ – throughout the entire day  – You’ll hear everything Calon FM has to offer. That’s 44 shows in one day!

From 7am you can hear our usual Thursday line up –

7-am – Early Breakfast with Wayne Price / 9-11am – Community Focus / 11-12pm – Empowerment Hour / 12-1pm – Happy Talk / 1-2pm – The Business Community / 2-3pm – Tom Cutler / 3-4pm – Mindful Musings / 4.30pm – 7pm – One for the Road

From 7pm, you can hear mini taster shows of what the rest of our weekly schedule has to offer


You’ll be able to hear our general entertainment shows – offering up loads of great music and chat throughout the week. Coming up you’ll hear…
James Evans (Sun 10am-12pm)
Heather Noble (Mon 11am-12pm)
Rhianwen Pullen (Fri 8-10pm)
Kick Start (Sat 10am-12pm)
The Eclectic Hour with Matthew Gibson (Wed 3-4pm)
Pete Rogers (Mon 6-8pm)
John Peers (Tue 2-4pm)
Jamie G (Sun 2-4pm)
John Tudor (Sat 7-10am)
Roxi Turner-Jones (Fri 12-2pm)
Mike Derry (Fri 6-8pm)
Dan O’Neil (Fri 5-6pm)
Wayne Price (Mon – Fri 7-9am)


We’re brining you all our specialist interest shows – everything from books and poetry, to sports and health!
The Rugby League Show (Tue 5.30-7pm)
Dragonheart (Fri 4-5pm)
Wrexham AFC Live Commentary (All match days)
Let’s Talk Sport (Returning Mon 12th March, 8-9pm)
What the Nerd Heard (Mon 4-6pm)
Calon Talks Books (Wed 6-7pm fortnightly)
Hwntw a Gog (Mon 2-4pm)
The Health Inspector (Wed 5-6pm)
Luke Durnell’s Screen Facts (Wed 7-8pm)
Passion for Poetry (Wed 12-1pm fortnightly) 
The Indie Author Show (Wed 12-1pm fortnightly)
Into the Darkness (Wed 9-10pm fortnightly)
Best Fest (Tue 8-10pm)


 To round off the day, you’ll be able to hear our specialist music shows. Our schedule offers something for all tastes – from classical all the way through to metal!
Classical XOver (Sun 12-2pm)
Tied to the 90s (Fri 2-4pm)
Stage & Screen (Sat 12-2.30pm)
Weekend Wing Ding (Sun 4-6pm)
Future Fresh (Sat 8-10pm)
Kara Davies (Tue 10-11pm)
Graeme Park (Fri 10pm-12am)
Acoustic Live (Wed 8-9pm)
Powerzone (Mon 9-11pm)
The Unsigned Hour (Tue 4-5pm)
Dance Nation (Sat 2am)

Since 2008 we’ve worked with hundreds of volunteers and welcomed over 1,000 local charities, businesses and musicians into the studio.

Having started in 2008 with just one live show per day, we now have a packed schedule with everything from arts, books, community news, sports, local DJ’s, specialist music, Welsh language and most recently, live coverage of all Wrexham AFC games.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve been so proud of the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. Whether it’s appearing at local events, taking part in our special Focus Wales broadcasts, presenting one of our marathon shows, including 2016’s epic 56 hour show for Children in Need, or simply coming in week in, week out and producing great radio!

We’ve also won a number of awards – in 2013 & 2014 we were named ‘Station of the Year’ for Wales by the Radio Academy. In 2016 we were awarded 2 Bronze Community Radio Awards for events and work in the community.

We’d like to thank all of our volunteers, past and present, for all of the work they put into making the station work.

Having recently received a license extension from Ofcom, we’re looking forward to what the next 5 years has in store!

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This Weekend

Friday / Dydd Gwener

7am - Early Breakfast

9am - Breakfast

12pm - Isabella Crowther

1pm - Siema Good Vibes

2pm - Tied to the 90s

4pm - Dragonheart

6pm - The Mike Derry Show

8pm - Rhianwen Pullen

10pm - Graeme Park

Saturday / Dydd Sadwrn

8am - John Tudor

10am - Kickstart

12pm - Stage & Screen

2.45pm - Wrexham AFC Live Commentary

8pm - Future Fresh

2am - Dance Nation

Sunday/Dydd Sul

10am - James Evans

12pm - Matthew Barnes

2pm - Weekend Wing Ding

4pm - Jamie G

6pm - Classical XOver

Weather in Wrexham
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