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This week, S4C’s Cynefin turns its attention to the North East as it visits the largest town in North Wales, and as it was known for centuries, the largest town in Wales. Although Wrexham is inextricably linked to the world of industry, there is a deeper history to this town that our presenters explore with the help of some local characters.

We will hear of the unique history of the steelworks in the area, the town’s inescapable connection to football and the warm welcome which the locals have given to visitors throughout the centuries.

Politics and sports often go hand in hand but that’s particularly true for one hotel in the centre of Wrexham, as one of the presenters, Siôn Tomos Owen explains,

“The Wynnstay Arms has welcomed its fair share of legends over the years, including Prime Minister William Gladstone and according to local folklore, David Lloyd George stood on the balcony and announced that the First World War was over. His diary suggests he was somewhere else at the time, but why let the facts get in the way of a good story!

“But one fact that is undeniably true is that in February 1876 the Football Association of Wales was officially established here by a Ruabon solicitor, Llewelyn Kenrick. At the time, there was a fierce debate about which was the national game of Wales, football or rugby, but by establishing a national team for the round ball five years before a corresponding team for the egg shaped ball was established, Llewelyn believed that the answer was crystal clear!”

At its peak, Wrexham’s brewing company was producing 20,000 barrels of lager per week and although the original brewery closed in 2000, it was revived eleven years later by a group of local business people and today 15 million pints are pulled every year.

Local Marc Jones shares his memories about the beer, “In my youth, when wandering around Wrexham, I could smell the new batch of beer that had come from the brewery, it was quite something, like it united us all. Its identity is important to the town, everyone knows about Wrexham Lager, you go into a pub and you ask for a pint of Wrexham, not a lager. You could say that brewing is part of the place’s fabric, and if you believe the stories, the beer was found on the Titanic, in the Khartoum War and all sorts of places.”

Join Heledd Cynwal, Iestyn Jones and Siôn Tomos Owen as they take a stroll around Wrexham on Sunday, January 20 at 8pm. Over the coming weeks they will also visit the Dyfi valley, Abergwyngregyn, Llanrwst, Swansea and the Ystwyth valley.

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