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On Friday 22nd February,  Techniquest Glyndwr will be hosting workshops for students with a visual impairment.  Schools are invited to bring along students in either the morning slot (10-12pm) or the afternoon slot (12;45-2;45).

On Saturday 23rdFebruary, a workshop between 10-12pm will be open to members of the public with a visual impairment.

The workshops are FREE, but places are limited so booking for all sessions is essential.

Please call us on 01978 294 400to reverse your slot.

Interested?  Here’s more information…

Curious as to what particle accelerators can tell us about the universe?

Tactile Collider is a project which makes the science behind the Large Hadron Collider and particle physics accessible to all. A fully immersive experience, which guides participants through the particle content of the universe and the form and function of a particle accelerator.

Join us to experience the sights, sounds and feeling of particle accelerator physics, meet real life researchers and immerse yourself in cutting edge science.

Start by delving into the world of particles and magnets before moving on to exploring the cutting-edge science behind particle acceleration and the Higgs boson.

New-found knowledge can then be consolidated by exploring CASSIE – a four-metre diameter scale model of a particle accelerator. Fully interactive and tactile, CASSIE allows learners to develop their understanding of accelerators by touch.

The Cockcroft Institute’s Dr Rob Appleby, Reader in Physics at the University of Manchester and the project creator, explains why the audience must come first: “Learners with visual impairments often miss out on the fun and excitement of science so it was critical for us to build the project based on conversations with our audience to make sure what we are delivering was something they actually want and can actually use.”

Developed to make the amazing science of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider accessible to everyone including learners with a visual impairment, Tactile Collider is a first-of-its kind project. Createdto deepen our understanding of the Universe, using specially developed tactile objects and fascinating soundscapes, participants can lose themselves in a world of science.

Funded by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) the project allows visually impaired learners, who often struggle to access science because it is largely sight-led, to explore the concepts and interact with and immerse themselves in particle physics.

Dr Chris Edmonds one of the project’s co-founders and Lecturer at the University of Liverpool, identified some of the main methods used for communicating the subject, including the use of binaural audio and CASSIE. Chris says: “We had to think very carefully about the amount of information we could present and the communication methods used. Vision allows us to take in a vast amount of information at any one time, and is usually the perfect basis for communicating science. Devising methods for communicating science to a new audience invites us to reassess our understanding of fundamental concepts. It’s a rewarding challenge for all involved!”

Feedback from participants has been fantastic. Two of Tactile Collider’s most recent learners were asked for their thoughts after visiting the project“I really loved talking to the scientists, it was the high spot for me. They were really easy to talk to and encouraging” “I liked all the touchy stuff and that collider thing, CASSIE. CASSIE was very feelable. I felt her, explored””

Tactile Collider will be in Wrexham on Friday 22ndand Saturday 23rdFebruary, hosting events for students with a visual impairment. Tickets are free, please call our friendly team on 01978 294 400 to book your space.

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