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About the show

Best Fest is a show to keep you up to date with all things festival. Whether you are a festival pro or a festival virgin. Whether you love dance music or rock music, whether you prefer stand up comedy to the Divine Comedy or prefer your words to be spoken not sung we hope to have something for you! The show is on every Tuesday 8-10pm

Stuart Wojdyta

I first got into music at the age of 5 singing to Maxwell Silver Hammer from the vinyl cut of Abbey Road, through an old PYE record music system which consisted of a turntable and a built in speaker – the ones which you could stack about 4 singles on and it dropped them one by one.

You can safely say that music has become a bit of an obsession and is something that I could talk about till the cows come home. I have never really had anywhere to channel this all consuming interest, until now. When Dave Walker asked me to co-host Bestfest, of course I jumped at the chance.  With Dave’s structured and methodical approach and my less than professional but at times humorous manner, I hope we bring an interesting and informative show which gives an insight into the world of Festivals.


Goreuon gerddoriaeth lleol a sesiynnau acwstig byw. Yn ogystal a newyddion, adolygiadau a straeon am wyliau gerddorol  dros Gogledd Cymru a gweddill Prydain. Cyflwynwyd gan Dave Walker a Stuart Wojdta.

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This Weekend

Friday / Dydd Gwener

7am - Early Breakfast

9am - Breakfast

10am - Jamie G

12pm - Isabella Crowther

1pm - Siema Good Vibes

2pm - Tied to the 90s

4pm - Dragonheart

6pm - The Mike Derry Show

8pm - Rhianwen Pullen

10pm - Graeme Park

Saturday / Dydd Sadwrn

8am - John Tudor

10am - Kickstart

12pm - Stage & Screen

2.45pm - Wrexham AFC Live Commentary

8pm - Future Fresh

2am - Dance Nation

Sunday/Dydd Sul

10am - James Evans

12pm - Matthew Barnes

2pm - Weekend Wing Ding

4pm - Jamie G

6pm - Classical XOver


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