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54918_361362373956533_1648767253_oAbout the show

Empowerment Hour is all about you and ways that you can claim back your power.

On Empowerment Hour Denise will be introducing guests who will willingly share with you their knowledge on a vast array of subjects that may create a spark of something different in your world.

Denise’s guest will encourage you to look at you from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perspective.

All you have to do is choose to tune in every Thursday from 11am till midday.

Wishing you happy listening here on Calon FM  playmates.

About Denise

Denise’s working career began way back in the 1970’s  when she trained and qualified as a nurse. Ah the good old days when aprons were starched and matron walked the corridors and appeared to know everything about everything.

Her second career was as a mother to three fabulous human beings who rock her world with joy and the occasional ‘grrr’ moment. Well they are human.

After a series of illnesses Denise found her way back to health and a new career, her third, as a nutritional therapist. Via this holistic approach to health and well being Denise continues to help herself, her family and her clients bridging that gap between the general medical world and the world of alternative therapies.

Denise loves reading, especially anything to do with food, health and well being. Experimenting with different food styles is a great source of relaxation. At the moment discovering the world of ‘Raw Food’ is a mind expanding challenge with some amazing discoveries, chia chocolate pudding, and some not so tasteful smoothie concoctions. Some are just too green.

So join Denise on Thursday mornings 11am  till 12 for a regular helping of the Empowerment Hour

If you wish to leave comments about the show please go to Denise’s Facebook page ‘Empowerment Hour on Calon FM’ where she is waiting to hear from you.





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Wednesday/Dydd Mercher

7.30am - Early Breakfast

10pm - Tom Cutler

12pm - Indie Author Show

3pm - The Eclectic Hour

5pm - Health Inspector

6pm - Calon Talks Books

8pm - Alex Teece Gaming Show

9pm - Into The Darkness

10pm - The Experimental Music Hour

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