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DJLazerKSaturdays 2-6am

From starting out DJing the very first gig in Wrexham Town working various gigs. It was only a matter of weeks before he gained a regular weekly Residency in Smiley disco bar in Wrexham. Then the success continued by progressing to work in various nightclubs around Wrexham town. These including Sergeant Peppers, Club XS and also Scotts Wine Bar on a regular basis. Then Lazer K started his own business KDS sound system with his 5K Rig, which was very successful. His business won the best small business of the year award from the council and cash prize and two awards presented by the mayor of the town. The prize money was invested into the business, and then Lazer gained another weekly residency at the Stanney Lane Club in the North West.   While also working regular weekly gigs with his powerful   mobile sound system at various events. Some weeks working up to 5 nights a week, With Gigs also including Creation Rave Nightclub in Stoke, then after working all around the local and wider area, a new business Lazer UK Sound System was created, specialising in large outdoor parties mainly Marquee special events and outside parties, Lazer travelled to these events With his large sound system 9K Rig and some parties would go on 6-8 hours with Lazer entertaining the crowd with his blend of dance music tracks.

In 2010 His started his Radio Career working various Online Radio Broadcast stations which were based in Bedfordshire, Brighton and Also Nottingham. Then in the same year he began his first FM Radio broadcasts on CALON FM with a regular weekly 2 hour show.

Then in 2012 his success continued when he did his very first UK tour covering 8 tour dates from march 18th to August 30th Including gigs in BRISTOL , TEWKESBURY GLOUCESTERSHIRE , HARLECH , NORTH WALES , CHESTER , MAIDESTONE KENT , And finishing the tour in WREXHAM.

IN 2014 He Returned to Calon FM with a new show format which celebrated all dance music from the very years to modern day   Called DANCE NATION with the show having a 4 hour time slot on Saturday Nights. You can listen again to the show broadcasts anytime at

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Wednesday/Dydd Mercher

7.30am - Early Breakfast

10pm - Tom Cutler

12pm - Indie Author Show

3pm - The Eclectic Hour

5pm - Health Inspector

6pm - Calon Talks Books

8pm - Alex Teece Gaming Show

9pm - Into The Darkness

10pm - The Experimental Music Hour

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