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wtnhGreetings, True Believers and Welcome to What the Nerd Heard. Your hosts; James Wright and Mike Teeson bring you weekly updates on all things geek chíc. Wondering what new comic books, games or movies are coming out soon? Tune in for a show in the know brought to you by two of the biggest nerds this side of the Border.

Mike Teeson, or “Tees” as you may hear him be affectionately referred to on the show, brings you the latest music from he can find in a slightly different vibe than you may be used to from normal radio shows. Oh but don’t feel too alienated by all this new influx of strange sounds.

There’s always going to be a bit of a nostalgic value with the Classic Corner wherein James Wright brings you the songs he was dragged up on, with everything from Bon Jovi and Depeche Mode to Daniel Powter and the Scissor Sisters. On top of all this soundtrack to your pre-drive time listening, there’s going to be talks about everything Marvel, DC and other comic books to keep you interested including the weekly edition of their “Origins” segment, bringing you a brief background on any and all of your need-to-know enquiries on mutants, super-heroes, robots and much more. Don’t know your Doctor Doom from your Doctor Manhattan?

Give the boys a tweet or message and they’ll cover it for you. With all this plus reviews and recommendations from the big wide world of movies, TV and games, you’ll enjoy the experience as much as the boys enjoy the banter.


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This Weekend

Friday / Dydd Gwener

7am - Early Breakfast

9am - Breakfast

10am - Jamie G

2pm - Tied to the 90s

4pm - Dragonheart

6pm - Mike Derry

8pm - Rhianwen Pullen

10pm - Graeme Park

Saturday / Dydd Sadwrn

8am - John Tudor

12pm - Stage & Screen

2.45pm - Wrexham AFC Live Commentary

8pm - Future Fresh

2am - Dance Nation

Sunday/Dydd Sul

10am - James Evans

12pm - Classical XOver

2pm - Jamie G

4pm - Weekend Wing Ding

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