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The Show
Tune into The James Evans show every Sunday morning from 10am till 12 with his mix of Music featuring artists from the classics to the recently released and anything in between.
The 2 main features of the show are Piano Spotlight where we explore the wonderful world of piano music of all kinds from any pianist any era or any where, from the Classics of Beethoven to the modern pieces of Einaudi.
Second is Epic Score Replay is where we show off the best scores the world has to offer across Film, Television, and Video Games and discover the talented composer’s that create them.
Listeners can request any tune while the show is live or request piece’s of music for Piano Spotlight or Epic Score Replay on Facebook  or Twitter 
The Presenter
The Pilot guiding you through these 2 hours is James Evans, Aspiring Pianist, Nerd of most things Nerdy which on occasion can seep into the show, Mechanical Operator for a living and Lover of music of various genre, James aims to entertain you with his show.

Ail-Wrando - Listen Again

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Wednesday/Dydd Mercher

7.30am - Early Breakfast

10pm - Tom Cutler

12pm - Indie Author Show

3pm - The Eclectic Hour

5pm - Health Inspector

6pm - Calon Talks Books

8pm - Alex Teece Gaming Show

9pm - Into The Darkness

10pm - The Experimental Music Hour

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