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Geek Girl is presented by Gwyneth Marshman every other Wednesday from 6-7pm, alternating neatly with the other show she appears on: Calon Talks Books.

In Geek Girl, Gwyneth talks about all things sci-fi and fantasy (SFF), and all the subgenres in between. Expect to hear about superhero movies, comic books, world-building, classic & modern TV shows, the science behind the sci-fi, young adult fiction, creatures, languages, fandom & cosplay, SFF art, and much, much more.

When she is not reading or watching SFF, Gwyneth works as a freelance medical editor and is also writing her first novel, a supernatural thriller. To keep herself extra busy, she is studying on an MA in Science Fiction and Fantasy at Anglia Ruskin University, from which she hopes to draw some of her inspiration for the show!

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