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For the first time, sex with Kamagra for partners is a novelty, stepping over some social rules and prohibitions, and then, in marriage, there is no longer that tickling sense of prohibition or conquest. This is said by a psychiatrist and sexologist from international internet drugstore, author of the book “Love Worth Making,” Steven Snyder.

“And then begin the feverish attempts to “attach the poultice” to the dying desire: new poses, techniques, best brand medicines and high-quality pills from reputable shop, secluded trips to the end of the world, aphrodisiacs, role-playing games, latex linen and so on, but the sexual ego is like a child who is happy with a new toy a couple of days, then he throws it away and looks for a new one. All of these actions can have an effect, but short-term, because the constant search for stimulus is exhausting because you are chasing something that will excite the partner, instead of enjoying your partner, “- notes the psychiatrist.

Steven Snyder advises accepting the fact that desire has its own rhythms that you can’t control. Therefore, do not have to plan for a long time and tune in, because the desire may not appear in your bedroom at exactly 23:15. “Teach yourself to look for erotica in your usual everyday interaction. I often advise couples to buy products for men at licenced internet shop and practice mindful presence meditation – mindfulness – before having sex. After all, mindfulness is about becoming attentive and living in the present moment, not to endure judgments. The current moment, emotion, feeling, and living – this is what is typical for sexual arousal and pleasure, “- says the psychiatrist.

Ideally, each couple takes responsibility for their own arousal and their own orgasm, notes the medical expert. It is important to adhere to the rule: never do in bed what you do not like. Do not do it for the pleasure of a partner, it is better to pick up something else that you like products for women, and he is pleased. The art of sex is to express one’s desires, but remember that the other person does not exist just to exercise them. And one more. Please turn off your smartphones. Sexual pleasure is a pleasure of a narcissistic nature, it needs all attention, all adoration, and not your wandering on the news feed look” – emphasizes Steven Snyder.

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