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About the Show

Every Sunday from 10am-12pm, Jamie G On Sunday is a wacky rollercoaster ride. For example one minute you could hear Katharine Jenkins the next you might hear Monty Python’s Spam song. As well as that there is a feature called ‘This day in history’ where Jamie looks back on the news on the day. As well as that there are random funny facts and not forgetting Jamie’s strange Sense of humour.

About the presenter

Jamie is a singer/writer/entertainer and an Ex Butlins redcoat. “Butlins was great. The accommodation was good too it even had Sky! Oh yes a great big hole in the ceiling” Jamie loves performing either alone or with a group. “I would say that I like to be a people pleaser, maybe a bit of a show off. Away from the microphone and the stage I can be quiet but easy to talk to”. Jamie is 95% deaf but with the help of hearing aids can hear normal most of the time. Jamie has a great passion for great music and comedy of all types. “I would list some artists here but the list would be too long”.  Jamie’s loves apart from his long suffering girlfriend Claire, are his two ginger tom cats Becks & Murphy. As for food well it’s Fish & Chips with anything, chocolate for pudding “but not chocolate orange”.


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Dydd Iau / Thursday

9am - Breakfast

12pm - The Business Community

3pm - Mindful Musings

7pm - Best Music Mix with Arran Hodges