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9am – Donna Jordan

10am – Kim Disley 

11am – Empowerment Hour with Denise Oliver featuring Chatty Children Rhian  & Nia

12pm – Happy Talk with Lorraine Salisbury 

1pm – The Business Community with Tracy Jones & Heather Noble

2pm – Roxi Turner – Jones 

3pm – Mindful Musings with Kim Patel

4pm – Passion for Poetry with Beryl Partridge 

5pm – The Health Inspector with Claire Hegarty 

6pm – The Indie Author Show with Sue Miller 

7pm – Rhianwen Pullen 

8pm – Classical Crossover with Jan Rawlinson 

9pm – Geek Girl with Gwyneth Marshman

10pm – Into the Darkness with Marie Cope

11pm – Kara Davies 

12am – Isabell Crowther

1am – Girls Who Make Takeover

Cattle Prod
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Dydd Iau / Thursday

9am - Breakfast

11am - Empowerment Hour

12pm - The Business Community

3pm - Mindful Musings

4.30pm - One For The Road

7pm - Best Music Mix with Arran Hodges

9pm - Roxi on the Radio