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Remixology is a show born from an idea I had while browsing through the music I’ve collected over many years and from a massive variety of djs & producers.

It will feature remixes, remakes & re-edits from over 5 decades covering genres including pop, rock, disco, funk, soul & house, with everything from slight edits to the bizarre and obscure remixes that rarely get aired but really should be!

I aim to go beyond just playing tracks and will provide as much information as I can find.

So please join me, Murray Davies (Dj, Presenter & occasional producer) on Wednesday evenings 8-10pm and let me take you on an aural journey like no other…..

Cattle Prod
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Dydd Llun / Monday

9am - Breakfast

10am - Lorraines Monday Musicals

12pm - Community Focus

4pm - The Short Story Show

5pm - Siema Good Vibes

6pm - Home Is Where The Art Is

9pm - Powerzone