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About the show

Paul Jeorrett presents ‘Calon Talks Books’ every second Wednesday between 6-7pm. Each week Paul reviews a range of books, from new releases to old favourites. Tune in to hear what he’s been reading and interviews with local authors, community guests with a book to review, and great tracks from his vast and eclectic record collection.

About Paul

Paul has been a librarian for 30 years and still loves books and loves the opportunity to be a radio presenter. That’s why he is presenting Calon Talks Books on Wednesday nights. At the moment he is working at Glyndwr University but has also worked in Oxford, Dundee and his first job was at London Zoo Library. His fav reads are crime fiction, especially Ian Rankin and Scandinavian crime series but he’ll read virtually anything. His musical taste is second to none but you’ll almost certainly hear Richard Thompson mentioned in most of his shows.


Paul Jeorett yn cynnal adolygiadau  bob pythefnos   a sgwrs ar llenyddiaeth.

The Calendar Project

Throughout 2019, Paul will be joined by Chris Clode to bring you ‘The Calendar Project’, a collection of pictures, poems and music for each month of the year.

Chris: “Each November, I compose a calendar from my photographs. It is a calendar for family and friends. For 2018, I have a series of photographs of memorials.”


January is a cemetery in Bayeux, Normandy, 12 kilometres from the beaches of June 1944.

Three gravestones in the foreground, two each an unnamed “Soldier of the 1939-1945 War”, one for N. Rosalis, a Lamp Trimmer in the Merchant Navy, aged 55.

Music: Mozart, Requiem: Lacrimosa






Military Cemetery, William Clarke

Such discipline on parade

Would put to shame a Guards’ Brigade;

So long, so rigid, to remain like this

And still no order to dismiss.

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