How Fuse FM Is Empowering Students Through Radio

Fuse FM is the official student radio station run by the University of Manchester, England. The FM broadcasts throughout the University via the station’s official website from the heart of the University of Manchester Student’s Union. The Fuse FM is an official member of The Student Radio Association and is run with the help of volunteers who are primarily students studying at the University. Fuse FM is meant as a radio station run by students for students to inspire them and help them develop real-world skills by running their own radio shows. The FM station run by the University of Manchester is a breath of fresh air amidst a sea of commercial radio stations and helps students to showcase their talents.

The Fuse FM went on air for the first time in February 2001, broadcasting through 106.2 FM and internet streaming. The broadcasting has been going on steady for almost two decades now, with a wide variety of shows – ranging from pollical discussions and the newest music. During the earlier years, due to the smaller number of volunteers, broadcasting was only done for four weeks each academic year.

 Fuse FM

However, now, Fuse FM operates around the clock, with its broadcast only available through internet streaming. With over 150 students onboard, Fuse FM has presented over eighty different shows to date. Fuse FM also routinely invites celebrities and musicians for the shows. Through all their activities, Fuse FM intends to provide a testing ground and incubator for the students to develop real-world skills such as communication skills, teamwork, and collaboration before they enter the job market.

Fuse FM is popular for shows like House of Chords, Little Folk, Trilogy, Big Football Talk, French Teabagging, Highway to Hull, Hip Hop Hour, etc. Some of the noteworthy shows from Fuse FM over the years are ‘Fuse Live’ and ‘The What’s on Diary.’ ‘Fuse Live’ is a show held each year in different venues, inviting popular artists each year. The show ‘The What’s on Diary’ promoted cultural events around Manchester and later received the coveted coverage from TED x Manchester. Fuse FM is considered to be one of the best examples of high-quality student broadcasting. The students who are volunteering in the Fuse FM have proved this by winning awards on major platforms. The DJs of Fuse FM have won many awards at the National Student Radio Awards. Many of the student volunteers of Fuse FM are invited to major talk shows on popular television channels across the nation and receive wide recognition in the process. One such example is Hattie Pearson, who won the Best Female Radio Talk Host in 2012. She was later invited to BBC Radio to host an early morning slot on the popular broadcast network.

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