Role of FM in Education

Maintaining the building and site along with creating a healthy and safe environment requires a lot of planning. While the performance and ability of teachers and leaders are the keys to improving the quality of education, having a well-maintained school building that meets all the needs of both faculty and students is also essential. This is where Facility Management (FM) becomes important.

Facility Management is very important in the educational sector. The key role of FM is to maintain the building and property and to meet all the needs of students and teachers. According to various studies, a well-maintained school building with good facilities is essential to increasing teaching time and is also the key to reducing teacher turnover. You can look into this guide to learn the key roles of Facility management in education.

Maintaining the building

The school and the premise are an important part of education. Buildings will be of different types and their pattern might also vary. This means that the education building may not be updated or won’t be relevant in the educational setup of modern times. To avoid this, carrying out surveys, studies, inspections, and evaluation is important. With proper facility management, you will be able to maintain the school building.

Maintaining the facilities

Planned preventive maintenance will extend the life of your building and equipment. Usually, this maintenance takes place in two different ways- time-based maintenance and condition-based maintenance. Through strong monitoring and regular inspections, you will be able to maintain electrical appliances like lights, fans, or air conditioners of the building. It will also ensure that the gas, water, and plumbing are properly managed as well.

University space management

Education is not just about sitting in the classroom, taking notes, and cracking exams. Today’s education is more about the overall development of a student. And school spaces and facilities play a major role in the over-development and well-being of a student.

Almost all the educational institutions will be offering various sports events and will host various extra-curricular activities. But to conduct all these activities properly, the design, nature, and type of school space play a vital role. For instance, students will need a playground, area to study, sports training, office space, lab space, meeting space, and space for conducting cultural events. Thus, with facility management, a school will be able to fulfill all the academic as well as co-curricular needs of the students.

space management

Emergency maintenance

All educational institutions should plan Facility management that will fulfill all the emergency needs that they can encounter. For instance, it should have facilities to immediately respond to natural disasters or internal disasters like fire breakouts or disruption of services (power breakdown). With proper facility management, the institution will be able to respond to such emergencies immediately without disrupting student life. Thus, having well-planned facility management is essential for the development of the educational sector.

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